For old times sake

vrijdag, mei 01, 2009

Maybe the next time you spot me in the street you can shout and wave. And I will wave back. And we will walk away smiling, thinking the world isn't such a bad place after all. I'd like that.


Just the other day some stranger spoke to me with the intent to help. It left me thinking, trying to remember when the last time was I did this for someone else. I was at a loss.


I've wanted to hug you a thousand times but couldn't. You've brightened up my days countless times. Thanks for being there.


It's 6 in the morning and I wish I had someone I could message at 6 in the morning telling her I wish she was here with me, close to me. But then I let out a terrible beer-fart and I remember why maybe being in bed alone after a night on the town isn't such a bad thing.

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