I wrote this for me

donderdag, april 30, 2009

When I wake up it's a "no, god no". By the evening, when I'm tired and alone, it becomes a "wouldn't it be nice". By the time I answer, it's a "stop overthinking it, live a little and see where it goes". But I've ran out of ways to say yes while really meaning no. So no, just please, no. It feels like a compromise between settling for whatever I can get now and waiting for what I really want.

To put it in the wise words of a Magic 8 Ball: ask again later.

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Verbose no more

woensdag, april 29, 2009

And I will learn to say what I mean in ten words or less. No more buying time with empty phrases to figure out what I really want to say. You can measure the value of my answer by the seconds of silence that precede it.

And no more will I buy viagra for my ego with borrowed words. Let my passion slowly burn through the dead layers of routine to reach the surface. I will rekindle my flame by your lips.

So much for ten words or less. I opened a door and found a universe, hiding under the bed.

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